The Audax season is over!


The 2012-13 season is just about over in the UK.  It’s been a great season personally, and for Audax in general, very successful it seems with a marvellous array of events including a very well-received LEL.  There have been some amazing performances and records have been broken both in the tandem and AAA championships.

I’ve had a very successful season, my third and biggest season to date.  I end the season with (probably, see below) 77 points and 47 AAA points.  This is very pleasing.

I am not sure if the Super Randonnee will count for AUK points, but that adds 6 more points and 15 AAA if it is accepted.

Quick recap of the season in number of events:

200km (11)

ECE+Mid Sussex Olympic Hiller

Upper Thames

Dinner Dart

Dinner Dart return

South Bucks Winter Warmer

The Willy Warmer snow cancelled version

ECE to the Kennet Valley 100

Dorset Coast

Ditchling Devil Perm

DIY 200 around AAAnfractuous

Ditchling Devil Perm


DIY 300 to Wiltshire

Hard Boiled

Baldock 300


DIY 400 to Lincolnshire



ECE to Green & Yellow Fields

Bryan Chapman Memorial



Pyrenean Super Randonnee


London-Edinburgh-London 1400

It was a lot of fun. I’ve seen parts of the country I have never seen before, I have returned to some parts I do know.  I’ve met many great people and strengthened friendships with many people I’ve got to know better.

Next year will be different for a whole load of reasons – I am looking forward to it enormously.

2 thoughts on “The Audax season is over!

  1. Epic year. This was my first year of riding Audax and our Audax Australia season is also coming to a close. I certainly didn’t do as many rides as you (I did 2 x 200km, 1 x 100km, 366km in the Oppy and 1 x DNF 400km) but I am definitely hooked. I lost a lot of my season to multisport, running and bushwalking adventures but come the 2013-14 season I am going to shift my focus more onto the cycling. Am now following your blog to see what you UKers get up to and maybe I’ll learn a thing or two from your experience :)

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